As a young boy growing up in Los Angeles, Pete Huntington saw his parents work tirelessly in their fashion manufacturing business to support Pete and his two siblings. After thirty years of hard work, the family business failed, forcing his parents into retirement and him to drop out of college where he was studying textiles. Having inherited his parents’ entrepreneurial spirit, Pete turned his knowledge of the textiles industry and struck out on his own, starting a business in home decor and textiles. In his quest for something truly unique, Peter traveled the world, East and West, to hunt down unusual textiles. When his travels landed him in Bali, he found what he had been looking for. In Bali, Pete witnessed the creation of intricate artisan textiles handcrafted using the Batik process. What he saw fascinated him, and he fell in love with the island Batik-making traditions. He worked alongside the local artisans to learn their process, using what he learned to develop his first Batik fabrics, applying new design concepts to the traditional Balinese techniques.


Unlike traditional screen printing, the time-honored Batik process relied on hand-dying and sun-drying, with no machinery involved. After seven successful years creating home decor textiles, Pete decided to make a shirt using his unique Batik fabric. A whole new vision was born. He sold his textile company to pursue a men’s lifestyle apparel brand. Initially a Southern California beach brand, the new Pete Huntington line quickly evolved into men’s sportswear and accessories brand. The Pete Huntington brand took off. In the first year alone, the brand opened doors to over 500 specialty accounts and major department stores. The company also entered international distribution channels in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Guam and Asia. To maintain product integrity and quality control, Pete brought the best artisans into the company. Today, Pete owns and operates his own Batik and sewing factory in Sanur, Bali, streamlining his production with over 200 employees and ships to his corporate office/warehouse located in Anaheim, California. This is where Pete Huntington Apparel is inspired, designed and created.