In 2008 Pete Huntington traveled the world searching for compelling textiles. He found what he was looking for on the island of Bali. Working alongside local artisans, Pete learned the time-honored Balinese batik process. He then added his own design concepts to create one-of-a-kind, handcrafted and sun-dried fabric. That's when he created his Pete Huntington shirt collection (then the rest was history!). With his success, today it has grown into a men’s lifestyle "ready to wear" nationwide brand. 

After his success with the apparel, Pete has expanded his passion into designing handmade artisan jewelry. In 2019 he release his first Artisan Collection, inspired by the time-honored traditions of Bali.  His mission is to create a distinctive artisan jewelry that reflects the rich silver-making heritage in the area and dedicating to the artistry involved. Each piece, designed and made by hand over several days, is created using the purest materials and is primarily inspired by nature and ancient East Asian symbolism.

Pete Huntington brand is a return to handcrafted product that are part of slow-fashion movement looking for well-made items one piece at a time. Pete Huntington believes every man is unique, and that’s reflected in everything he creates. Because when you wear Pete Huntington collection, we want you to be exceptional, too.